Ages and Stages

Your hatchimal goes through a number of different ages and stages and you will need to do different things to move them on to the next one. Just like any young animal developing and learning about the world they need different guidance at different stages to take them through to full maturity. How quickly they develop will depend on how much you nurture and care for your little bundle of joy.

Here are the general ages and stages for your hatchimal:

Stage 1: Egg

When you first get your hatchimal it will be inside its egg. In order to interact with it you can touch, tap and tilt the egg to nurture it to the point of being ready to hatch. When it is ready to hatch rainbow lights will appear visible through the egg, now it gets exciting!

Stage 2: Hatching

your baby hatchimal is ready to enter the world and will begin pecking their beak through the egg. They will need some encouragement though and will become tired, they are only little after all! Encourage them to continue when they pause by rubbing the egg.

Stage 3: Baby

When your hatchimal is a baby they are very dependant on you. You need to feed them, cuddle them and comfort them to help them feel safe and secure.

Stage 4: Toddler

This is where you need to start teaching your hatchimal. Teach them to walk, teach them to talk and teach them to dance during the toddler stage.

Stage 5: Kid

Now they are fully developed it is play time! Play with them, talk to them and dance with them and unlock new and exciting games to play.

When each stage in your hatchimals development is unlocked its rainbow eyes will appear to let you know you have reached a new milestone.