as you reach stages 4 and 5 of your hatchimals development there are a number of games you can play with your furry little friend. You can cycle through the games by pressing your hatchimals belly and select the game you wish to play by pressing its game.

The game will be indicated by the colour of the lights on the hatchimal so you need to refer to the below to see what game each colour indicates.


Game: Learn to talk

What to do: Press and hold the hatchimals belly to record your voice, it should repeat what you say.

Flashing White

Game: Learn to walk

What to do: One clap will make your hatchimal move forward. Two or more claps makes it spin.

Flashing Purple

Game: Dance

What to do: Your hatchimal will play music and dance. Pat its head to make a drum beat.

Flashing Red

Game: Tag

What to do: Pay its head when the light turns red

Flashing Blue

Game: Hatchimal says

What to do: When the light is red, pat its head. Pink, squeeze its belly. And blue, turn it upside down.

Flashing Green

Game: Silly sounds

What to do: Your hatchimal will tap a pattern, try to clap it back.

Flashing Orange

Game: Psychic hatchimal

What to do: Ask a yes or no question, your hatchimal will answer

Flashing Yellow

Game: Autonomous

What to do: Exit games