Hatchimals Draggles

Hatchimals come in two main ‘species’, Penguala and the Draggle. The main difference between the two is the colour although there are some subtle style designs in how the hatchimals will end up looking.

With hatchimals you buy the egg colour but the colour of the actual hatchimal inside will be one of two options. The Draggle comes in two egg options, the purple egg and the green egg.  Inside the Purple egg will be either a blue hatchimal with green wings and beak or a purple hatchimal with blue wings and beak. Inside the Green egg will either be a Green hatchimal with a light blue beak or a blue hatchimal with green wings and beak.

All hatchimals have the same interactive functionality and ways to interact with them, including enticing them out of their egg in the first place.

So if blue, green or purple are your favourite colours, the draggle is the one for you.



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